Mountains and Deserts of Kazakhstan


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The mountains of the Central Tian Shan have become a new tourist destination for mountain bike unthusiasts from all over the world seeking for the most thrilling and breathtaking bicycle ride experience.

During this exclusive trip you will enjoy cycling along picturesque landscapes and various types of terrain ranging from the high mountain passes and green valleys to deserts and canyons. You will get an unforgettable camping experience, spending nights in the open air with an opportunity to listen to some guitar songs by the fire. All this together with excellent service along the way made the mountain bike tours in Kazakhstan one of the most popular in the world.

This is an unforgettable experience that will help to discover yourself from the other side, explore unique sights of the National Parks of Kazakhstan.  This is a completely thought out exclusive trip, where you will be accompanied by an experienced crew who know the route like no one else. Your personal tour-guide / mechanic will lead your group and fix any breakdown if necessary having all spare parts on board. Our highly-trained chef will follow you along the entire route to treat you with delicious meals and make your outdoor camping experience pleasant.

Our biking tour includes everything you need for your trip; from renting a bike with spare parts and personal equipment (helment, gloves etc.) to providing you with all transfers, accommodation and meals, we got you covered. All our packages are ALL INCLUSIVE, which means all you need to worry about is getting best memories from your cycling trip to Kazakhstan.

Rest assured that your travel experience with Aveneer DMC starts upon your arrival at the Almaty International Airport. We will take it form there.




Cycling across the grasslands, rocky roads running alongside crystal-clear water rivers, a lunar mountain landscape and sandy dunes, this is mountain biking in the Southeast part of Kazakhstan!

Once you arrive in the largest city of Kazakhstan - Almaty, you will be offered to enjoy a traditional welcome dinner and spend a night in a comfortable hotel to take agood rest before we take you off the grid and our biking adventure begins.

Snow-capped mountains of Alatau National Park provide a stunning backdrop for our mountain biking adventure through valleys with lush pastures and up to passes and plateaus that are teeming with grasslands and wildflowers. We'll meet nomadic Kazakhs that have moved their flocks of sheep to high pastures and live there in yurts.

We meet in the cosmopolitan city of Almaty that still has remnants of the Soviet era while evolving into a city with a distinctive European feel. Almaty, means a "the grandfather of apples" and southeast Kazakhstan is where apples were first cultivated and from where they spread around the world. We will explore Almaty by walk around this leafy city before heading to the mountains and rivers.

We start biking at the foot of Alatau Mountains Range. The landscape quickly changes from pine trees to open rolling grasslands. Everyday we'll bike up dirt roads to the top of passes, have adrenalin-inducing downhills and then camp next to rushing rivers.

The adventure continues as we visit Charyn National Park where we will spend the night at a beautiful Yurta on the bank of mountain river. The sunset favorably emphasizes the freakish shapes of rocks in the “Valley of Castles”.

The next stage is cycling into the desert of Altyn Emel National Park with its multicolored Ak Tau mountains and the Singing Sand Dune, located on the Kapchagai lakeshore, and the herds of kulans (wild horses) will leave indelible impression on us.  

This off road mountain biking tour is challenging not only by the cycling itself, but also because we will be riding at middle level mountain altitudes and in extreme weather conditions. This all makes the trip a true adventure for those that want to get a unique biking experience with spectacular mountains and desert sceneries.




We will cycle total around 450 kilometers within 9 days of riding. This is an average difficulty trip due to the altitude and various types of terrain. We gain elevation slowly to ease acclimatizing and never sleep higher than 2200 m above sea level.

Due to the remoteness of the terrain our accommodation will be in camps for 6 nights in the comfortable two person tents with mattresses. Furthermore, you will get to experience staying in a traditional Yurt located in the Charyn Canyon for one night and spend two nights in a mini-hotel in Altyn Emel National Park.


Biking Difficulty:

Rough, rocky dirt and sandy roads, grasslands, and single track at altitude make this trip very interesting and attractive. Average level of fitness and technical experience are strongly recommended.


Cycling Distance:

Total estimated distance: 450 kilometers


9 Cycling Days:

For 9 nights It is the combination of conditions – altitude, weather, topography and overall environment – that makes this a challenging tour and a test of sustained riding.

Vehicle support with 4WD cars constantly escorting the group allows cyclists to hop in the car if needed.


Biking Conditions:

The road surfaces are a mix of paved, dirt and sandy roads, and a few sections of single track. The paths will be very rocky at times and therefore good technical skills on a mountain bike are necessary.



This trip is designed for experienced cyclist with a good level of fitness. Even though the distance and gradient each day will not be extreme, however getting in the best shape possible for the trip will ensure you get the most from your holiday.

Best time to travel: 

From June to September









  • Almaty city
  • Сharyn National Park
  • Valley of Castles
  • Wooden Lake
  • Boguty Mountains
  • Azhyrzhar boundary
  • Ulkenbulak Spring
  • Aktospa Mountain Pass


  • All transfers and 4WD escort
  • Accommodation
  • Mountain Bike & Equipment Rental
  • Biking tour guide
  • All meals (incl. water and lunch-boxes)
  • Mess-tent with chairs and tables
  • Toilet and Shower tents
  • Entrance fees to the National Parks
  • First-Aid kit & Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Single Tent rental
  • Beverages
  • Tips for the local staff

Transfer Almaty – Turgen valley  - Assy Pass (2650m). Riding through Assy plateau to willow grove (2200m), 47km.

Sleep in comfortable tent under the stars.


Riding to Ashyk Dala Plateau – Zhenishke River (1600m), 65 km.

Camp at the river bank.

Riding Zhenishke River - Algabas village – Ken Su river (1800m), 60 km.

Set up a camp at the river bank.



Riding to Kegen Plateau (2000m), 40km. and further to Aktasti village 12 km.

Camp with barbecue and guitar songs by the fire.

Riding to Komershi Pass (2400m) 35 km. and descent by Temirlik canyon to Tuyuk village (1800m). 15 km.

Spend a night in a camp.

Transfer 60 km. Riding to Charyn Canyon (950m), 15 km.

Spend a night in a traditional Yurt. 

Charyn Canyon – Boguty Mountains (1500m)– Valley of Ili River (500m) riding 60km.

Camping at the river bank.

Transfer 160 km. to Basshi village – entry of Altyn Emel National Park (950m).

Riding to Singing Dune (600m) 45 km. Hotel in Basshi village.

Riding to Ak Tau Mountains, 60 km.

Hotel in Basshi village.

Transfer via Basshi village back to Almaty, 250km. 

Our tour ends with a transfer to the airport for departure.


Getting in

The most convenient way to get to Kazakhstan is to take a flight to one of the two largest cities, Almaty or Astana.  Kazakhstan's national airline "AirAstana" offers direct flights from the follwoing cities: Urumqi, Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Dubai, Tehran, Baku, Tbilisi, Antalya, Istambul, Kiev and Moscow.

For guests traveling form South East Asia we suggest the quickest route via Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. 

Please contact us and one of our travel consultants will be glad to assist you with planning your journey.

Visa to Kazakhstan

Citizens of 45 countries may travel visa-free for 30 days.

Passport holders of the EU states, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, Turkey, the UAE and the United States of America can visit Kazakhstan without a visa for up to 30 days. Likewise, no visa is needed for visits up to 14 days for Hong Kong citizens and 90 days for CIS or Georgian citizens.

If your country was not listed above, please do contact us for visa support and assistance with your visa application.

Currency and Credit Cards

The local currency is the Kazakhstan Tenge (KZT). Currency exchange in Kazakhstan is very well developed - it is easy to exchange most popular currencies like USD, EUR, GBP in bank branches, airports and exchange points as the latter is opened 7 days a week.

VISA and MasterCard are widely accepted throughout the country in most shopping malls and restaurants. For withdrawing cash, one can turn to nearest ATMs located all around the city.


Climate in Kazakhstan is continental. You will experience a vast difference in temperatures and climate while traveling through the country.

Summers in Kazakhstan are warm with average temperature at around 30 *C (86 *F). During winters the average temperature drops down to -20 *C (-4.0 *F).

The best time to travel is from April to October when temperatures are moderately warm, as well as the period from December to March for winter enthusiasts.

Kazakhstan is a sunny country, some regions enjoy the sun up to 330 days a year.

Local Cuisine

Kazakh traditional cuisine is based on a few main ingredients such as meat, bread/dough and some dairy products.  Due to the challenging weather conditions and nomadic lifestyle food had to be easy to prepare, very nutritious and contain a lot of fat to provide energy.

Kazakhstan boasts its organic fruits and vegetables that are grown locally, delicious natural honey with numerous health benefits, finest caviar as well as the signature chocolate products. 

The tea culture is very prominent, Kazakhstan is believed to be among the top countries in the world for tea consumption; almost every meal is followed by tea in Kazakh families.

Apart from a regional cuisine a wide range of restaurants is also available for tourists with cosmopolitan appetite for Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, French, Korean, South East Asian and Indian cuisine with some vegeterian options.



The national language is Kazakh as well as Russian language as both of them have the same status. More than 70% of Kazakh citizens speak Russian fluently thanks to the Soviet Union times. 

Kazakh language however is very different from Russian in its nature, and is not as widely practiced by the city dwellers as comparet to the rural and country dwellers. Although the Russian language is more common, local people will react extremely well if you speak even a little Kazakh.

Religion in Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan is often called the crossroads of civilizations. Since ancient times various religions were formed and developed on the territory of modern Kazakhstean. Archeologists have found here traces of Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Nestorianism and Tengrism. 

Today, Kazakhstan is a modern, secular state promoting ethnica and religious diversity and tolerance. A multinational country with a long history of ethnic groups living together, Kazakhstan is peaceful country where Kazakhstani citizens of different religious backgrounds live in harmony.

The majority of population in Kazakhstan practices Islam. Muslim population is largely made up of the ethnic Kazakhs, Uzbeks and Tatars. The second most practiced religion is Russian Orthodox Christianity, with the majority of adherents being ethnic Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians.


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