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An excellent way of introducing Kazakhstan in all its magnificence and beauty, perfect for first timers to the country. This is a unique trip that is a perfect opportunity to discover and enjoy Kazakhstan's most captivating scenery and diverse landscapes in luxury.

Begin your journey in Almaty, Kazakhstan's most developed city. There you will be in for a treat where you will sample the most quintessential Kazakh dishes on your first night. Be prepared for a cultural experience, as horse meat and fermented horse milk is a traditional Kazakh delicacy.

Spend the next couple of days in awe of the unscathed, pure surroundings as you travel within the region to see natural lakes formed in the mountain gorges, get a chance to taste mineral water from the mountains, where some say has enormous health benefits. You will get to see places of paramount importance for history and culture of Kazakhs , places that are cherished and preserved so much. We have included must visit places of Almaty region for you to get the essence of Kazakhstan with maximum comfort and luxury. 


Best time to travel

March - November








  • Almaty
  • Medeu Ice Skating Rink
  • Shymbulak Ski Resort
  • Big Almaty Lake
  • Green Bazzar
  • Arasan Spa
  • Kaindy Lake
  • Tamgaly Tas
  • Lesnaya Skazka
  • Sunkar Falcon Farm


  • Amazing Sightseeing
  • Hiking
  • Traditional Sauna
  • Gondola and Cable Car Ride
  • Gastronomic Experience
  • Oriental Dance Performance
  • Eagle Show
  • Local Delicacy Tasting
  • Lakeside Picnic
  • Rafting, Kayaking


  • Horse Riding
  • Zip-line park
  • Vintage car ride
  • SPA treamtent
  • Parachuting
  • ​Paragliding
  • Rock Climbing with Instructor

On the day of your arrival, you will be met at the airport of Almaty - biggest city of Kazakhstan. Later comfortable car will be taking you in the direction of Almaty on the new highway that runs through the foothills of Trans-Ili Alatau. At that moment you'll get to see magnificent mountains the city is surrounded with. We know you've had a long flight, so the first destination of your trip is restaurant Alasha where you will try Kazakh national cuisine. Then you will be accommodated in a luxury hotel where you can relax after a flight.

Second day is devoted to Almaty. A day tour to explore the sourthern capital of Kazakhstan - Almaty. Our experienced tour guide will lead you to the park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen located in the central part of Almaty where you will learn about Kazakhstan, and its vital role during the Soviet Union era. The park surrounds the Zenkov Cathedral, a unique catherdral built out of wood in 1907 using special techniques. Taking a stroll around the park we will see the Monument of Glory followed by the Ethernal Fire located not far from the cathedral. The large Monument depicts Panfilov soldiers standing up staunchly to guard the wall of Kremlin from German Nazis during the Second World War. Grand Soviet architecture of the Officers House and the museum of musical instruments are also very popular among visitors of the park. The tour will continue with a brief visit to the Green Bazaar (local food market).  Guests will take a cable car ride to Kok-tobe - the highest point of Almaty to enjoy dinner in a traditional yurt restaurant.

Day 3 continues with exploring Almaty surrounding mountains. You'll have a walk in First President's Park then depart to 3 Bears Glade where we'll visit picturesque waterfall and have forest picnic. Next stop is the Big Almaty Lake - one of the most picturesque places located 2511 meters above the sea level in the charming Trans-Ili Alatau mountains. If you like mountains, you will surely like this gorgeous place as we drive up and make a stop at the viewpoint for some great photos. You can hike up the mountain, go down to the lake or simply enjoy the scenery and a beautiful sunset. On our way down you will have a chance to collect water from Alma-Arasan spring and visit Sunkar Falcon Farm reserve to watch an amazing show with birds of prey like steppe eagles, falcons and vultures.

After having breakfast in the hotel guests will visit Republic Square that for 80 years (during Soviet period and Independent Kazakhstan until 1997) was the main Square of the country that had witnessed all major event happening in Kazakhstan. Then you'll continue with Medeo which is the highest skating rink in the world built half a century ago. Lying in the gorge, it is surrounded by Trans Ile Alatau mountains and long has been one of Almaty's visit cards. Then cable car ride awaits you, where you'll able to see all the beauty of the region with your own eyes. Cable car will stop in Shymbulak - Almaty's most prominent ski resort. After  Shymbulak you will be escorted back to the city where you will have a chance to indulge yourslef in warm and relaxing atmosphere. Arasan Wellness & SPA offers exclusive spa treatments in russian & finnish saunas, turkish hamam and the moroccan spa ceremony to give your body and mind a good rest.

Next trip awaits you at day 5. You'll visit famoust Tamgaly Tas petroglyph site, which is included in UNESCO World Heritage list. This is the most famous and well-studied art monument of ancient people on the territory of Kazakhstan. It was estimated that there are 5000 petroglyphs and the majority of them are dated Bronze Age, but in some cases Iron Age and Medieval. After taking memorable photos with ancient drawings, you'll have a picnic lunch near petroglyphs and try kayaking or rafting in close located Ili River.

On day 6 you will be visiting amazing lake Kaindy where dry fir trunks come out of water. Once here was a fir forest but devastating earthquake in 1911 created a natural dam, so water occupied the gorge that became Kaindy lake. Now it is a major touristic attraction of Kazakhstan. Hidden in the pine and fir forests, the lake is perfect place to rest your soul and clear your mind. After a long walk guests will have delicious open air lakeside lunch and depart back to Almaty.


It's time to change hotel. We check out from the hotel in the city and drive to Lesnaya Skazka resort, which is located in the picturesque place near Almaty. The place has a variety of activities, from horse riding, to hiking in the mountains, from ice skating to playing paintball. Bravest ones can try 7 tracks of the trolley park "Spirit of the Tien Shan". Guests will have dinner in the resort's restaurant and spend a night in traditional yurt, chalet or tree house depending on choice. 

This is the last day of your tour. Remaining time until your flight is free is of plans, just let us know what you would like to do. We may suggest you shopping or getting souvenirs. It is up to you. Depending on your flight time there will be breakfast, lunch or dinner. We transfer you to airport and wish you the most pleasant flight! 


Getting in

The most convenient way to get to Kazakhstan is to take a flight to one of the two largest cities, Almaty or Astana.  Kazakhstan's national airline "AirAstana" offers direct flights from the follwoing cities: Urumqi, Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Dubai, Tehran, Baku, Tbilisi, Antalya, Istambul, Kiev and Moscow.

For guests traveling form South East Asia we suggest the quickest route via Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. 

Please contact us and one of our travel consultants will be glad to assist you with planning your journey.

Visa to Kazakhstan

Citizens of 45 countries may travel visa-free for 30 days.

Passport holders of the EU states, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, Turkey, the UAE and the United States of America can visit Kazakhstan without a visa for up to 30 days. Likewise, no visa is needed for visits up to 14 days for Hong Kong citizens and 90 days for CIS or Georgian citizens.

If your country was not listed above, please do contact us for visa support and assistance with your visa application.

Currency and Credit Cards

The local currency is the Kazakhstan Tenge (KZT). Currency exchange in Kazakhstan is very well developed - it is easy to exchange most popular currencies like USD, EUR, GBP in bank branches, airports and exchange points as the latter is opened 7 days a week.

VISA and MasterCard are widely accepted throughout the country in most shopping malls and restaurants. For withdrawing cash, one can turn to nearest ATMs located all around the city.


Climate in Kazakhstan is continental. You will experience a vast difference in temperatures and climate while traveling through the country.

Summers in Kazakhstan are warm with average temperature at around 30 *C (86 *F). During winters the average temperature drops down to -20 *C (-4.0 *F).

The best time to travel is from April to October when temperatures are moderately warm, as well as the period from December to March for winter enthusiasts.

Kazakhstan is a sunny country, some regions enjoy the sun up to 330 days a year.

Local Cuisine

Kazakh traditional cuisine is based on a few main ingredients such as meat, bread/dough and some dairy products.  Due to the challenging weather conditions and nomadic lifestyle food had to be easy to prepare, very nutritious and contain a lot of fat to provide energy.

Kazakhstan boasts its organic fruits and vegetables that are grown locally, delicious natural honey with numerous health benefits, finest caviar as well as the signature chocolate products. 

The tea culture is very prominent, Kazakhstan is believed to be among the top countries in the world for tea consumption; almost every meal is followed by tea in Kazakh families.

Apart from a regional cuisine a wide range of restaurants is also available for tourists with cosmopolitan appetite for Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, French, Korean, South East Asian and Indian cuisine with some vegeterian options.



The national language is Kazakh as well as Russian language as both of them have the same status. More than 70% of Kazakh citizens speak Russian fluently thanks to the Soviet Union times. 

Kazakh language however is very different from Russian in its nature, and is not as widely practiced by the city dwellers as comparet to the rural and country dwellers. Although the Russian language is more common, local people will react extremely well if you speak even a little Kazakh.

Religion in Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan is often called the crossroads of civilizations. Since ancient times various religions were formed and developed on the territory of modern Kazakhstean. Archeologists have found here traces of Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Nestorianism and Tengrism. 

Today, Kazakhstan is a modern, secular state promoting ethnica and religious diversity and tolerance. A multinational country with a long history of ethnic groups living together, Kazakhstan is peaceful country where Kazakhstani citizens of different religious backgrounds live in harmony.

The majority of population in Kazakhstan practices Islam. Muslim population is largely made up of the ethnic Kazakhs, Uzbeks and Tatars. The second most practiced religion is Russian Orthodox Christianity, with the majority of adherents being ethnic Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians.


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