Four Season Wonder


In Kazakhstan one can really experience all four beautiful seasons the mother nature has to offer. A regional continental climate on Kazakhstan's large territory has a significant annual variation in temperature - hot summers in the South and cold winters in the North. 

In general, Winters are quite chilly and snowy. Beautiful Spring when the nature comes back to life, everything turns green and starts flowrishing. Hot Summer months make people hide from the heat by swimming in water reservoirs and pools, and of course Autumn when the colors of nature are so vivid, that not a single painting can convey all its beauty.

Each season is totally unique and has so much to offer with various seasonal activities that are available for tourists to fully experience their stay. 
In winter, for example, one can go skiing or snowboarding in one of the popular ski resorts which are no different from other well-known destinations. Trying yourself at ice skating in the World's highest ice skating rink brings joy to everyone, especially if it is for the first time.



For more adventurous travelers going to a lake for ice fishing might be a good option. Kids usually have lots of fun playing snowballs or building a snowman. New Year holidays are considered one the of the logest holidays in Kazakhstan. Traditionally, local people celebrate new year at home, visiting friends and family, accompanied by the abundant fireworks that fill up the sky of any city in Kazakhstan. 

Frozen lake in Almaty region
Frozen Big Almaty Lake in winter


In spring, with the first warm days people celebrate the traditional holiday of Nauryz, which will mark the end of winter. This holiday is widely celebrated throughout the country and the entire Central Asian region. 
Even though the average temperature goes up, you can still see snow at the mountain tops and many people tend to enjoy last few weeks of ski season up until the mid April.  

Last snow melting in Almaty mountains

Late April or early May is a perfect time to explore Kazakh steppes which get covered with beautiful poppies and tulips. This "red carpet" is a truly spectacular sight not far from Almaty city. 
It's a great idea to take a drive into a country side where you can see the never ending green hills called "Zhailau" with young shephers taking cattle during the feeding time. There is also plenty of lakes and rivers in Almaty region that are worth visiting during spring. Cities like Almaty tend to transform as the trees and all the leaves turn green. As the climate gets warmer all water fountains begin operation in parks and squares throughout the country making city walks pleasant and refreshing.


Spring in the Steppe
Poppies blossoming in the Kazakh steppe


Summer is a great time for vacation and family holidays, as most of school children go on a summer break. With the hot summer days coming up locals tend to spend more time at mountains, lakes, rivers and swimming pools because the heat sometimes reaches the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Hiking and glamping (glamorous camping) are on of our favorite activities during summer while star gazing is a must-do activity on a hot summer night.

Locals collecting watermelons. August

There are plenty of delicious organic fruits, berries and vegetables available at the food markets during summer. Sweet watermelons and juicy melons from Southern Kazakhstan come in huge trucks every day and get distributed all over the country. Visiting a bazaar can take up a whole day going around rows and rows of fresh local products.



Borovoe lake in summer
Borovoe lake in summer

Autumn probably is the most picturesque season in Kazakhstan loved by many travelers. In the second half of September and the beginning of October one can witness a so called "golden autumn" - when the green color desappears, and the yellow to orange colors become visible and give the leaves part of their fall splendor. One can enjoy a pleasant walk in a park observing this natural sensation and stepping on the rustling leaves. Autumn is great time for many outdoor activities as the weather is not very hot anymore. Traditional autumn activities for Kazakhs are harvesting and hunting.

Eagle Hunt
Traditional Kazakh Eagle Hunt. © Kupratsevich

From September to early November farmers tend to harvest their fields with love and care. Passionate hunters anticipate Autumn for the hunting season that starts on the 1st of August and lasts until the 1st of January each year. Hunters should definitely try traditional Kazakh Eagle hunt. 



Borovoe lake in summer
Autumn in one of Almaty’s parks

One has to witness with their own eyes the real beauty of each season in Kazakhstan. 


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